Welcome! – First Post

Welcome to The Beecologist, where I’ll be posting about all things ecology! As a new beekeeper I’m going to be updating this blog on the struggles and growth that I encounter within this wonderful hobby. I currently have two hives all tucked in for the winter ahead and am doing plenty of research on how to best ensure their survival.

I’m also narrowing down on my interests as an ecologist and am exploring into some new pretty cool areas so will be writing about anything new I learn about, particularly to do with conservation, behavioural ecology and rainforest biodiversity. Due to my love of rainforests, I’m giving it my best shot to recreate my own little jungle haven with houseplants. Houseplants are nowhere near as complicated as bees to keep but different species can require very different conditions which can be difficult to maintain.

I’m proud to be living in this new age of environmentally conscious living and am trying to revolutionise my life with less plastic, less waste and more responsible decisions as a consumer in the cheapest and easiest possible ways as a student.

Keep an eye out for updates as I get this blog up and running and feel free to comment if you have any similar interests!

Checking the hives earlier in the summer

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